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August 2018 PDC at our site Can Lliure in Spain with Roman Eisenkoelbl

September 2018 PDC at our site Can Lliure in Spain with Rico Zook and Roman Eisenkoelbl

Pictures of the 4 week Practical Permaculture Internship at our site Can Lliure in Spain with Rico Zook,Roman Eisenkoelbl and many other Guest Speakers

Jamie Nicol a student of Emilia Hazelip facilitated a Synergistic Agriculture Workshop with influences of Mark Bonfils,Fukuoka Sensei and Zen Buddhism at our site Can Lliure in Spain ending with a Pizza Party Celebration

Lots of gratitude and thanks to Eurico Vianna Neto for facilitating a 2 day Introduction course of Holistic Context and Desicion Making here during our Internship in Spain.It really was an amazing time we shared together...

Gratitude and Thanks to Gabriel Menezes for facilitating a Introduction to Successional Agroforestry with the assistance of Eurico Vianna Neto here in Spain during our Internship program.It was a wonderful and productive time and learning experience we all shared here

Syntropic Agroforestry Course with Namaste Messerschmidt June 2018 at Can Lliure Spain

Pre IPC Permaculture Teacher Training,1st International Teacher Training in India was facilitated by Jude Hobbs and Rico Zook. Roman from Soil Sun Soul was involved as the main organizer with an international team for this event.

PDC in Spain at Can Lliure April 2018

Pre IPC India Permaculture Design Course with 85 Students from over 30 different countries facilitated by Robyn Francis,Rico Zook, Govinda Sharma, Clea Chandmal, Jude Hobbs, Starhawk and many more. Roman from Soil Sun Soul was part of the organization and course support team

An Introduction to Permaculture Workshop with focus on Biochar and Compost Teas at Saraya near Panjim,Goa India lead by Roman from Soil Sun Soul

An Introduction to Permaculture workshop at the Human Academy in Palolem Goa India run by Roman from Soil Sun Soul

A Natural Farming Gathering at Van Vadi with Larry Korn and Bharat Mansata near Mumbai

Natural Farming workshop with Poineer Larry Korn first time in India organized by Soil Sun Soul

At a 5 day practical Seminar with Sepp Holzer in Germany

At the Ecological Beekeeping Course at Mas Alavall from Permaterra in France

PDC at Floating Boots, Goa India - Feb.2017

Syntropic Agroforestry Course with Ernst Goetsch in Spain

Advanced Permaculture & Nature Connection Retreat with Rico Zook & Soil Sun Soul Team in Spain

Permaculture Design Course in Nepal at Hasera Farm

Permaculture Introduction Course in Arambol , Goa , India

At the Analog Forestry Training at Belipola - Sri Lanka

At a Permaculture Introduction Trainings in Malawi

At the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia - Sunshine Coast

Making Compost during a Workshop in Spain

​Permablitz in Auroville South India

Building a low budget Solar Water Heater in Darjeeling - India

Building a low budget Solar Water Heater in Darjeeling - India

Alternative Eco Art with Children at the Crystal Waters Permaculture Village Market in Australia

​200meter long Swale planted with diversity of species in Australia

Cob Oven Construction in Malawi during a workshop

A small Rocket Stove in Portugal

A Design Map for a farm in South India

A Permaculture Garden in Portugal

​Some of the Mind Maps we created for different Projects or Topcis.

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Be the change you wish to see in this world!