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The substratum of which we live is the soil, the earth, the Mother Earth. Everything that is produced and consumed on this earth finally returns to the earth. The constant cycle transformation , transmutation and metamorphosis. Nature does not afford the luxury of allowing the elements of life after the death of organisms, tissues and cells to decompose and to mineralize, as the chemist says. Although an organism decays, the dying material becomes mother soil. By this process life does not end, but starts again. What results from the decaying process is what we really call “the renewal of life”, namely fertility of the soil. This is the magic of a living soil’s continuing ability to sustain future generations. We all depend on the soil’s vital energies and its microbiology !

Goethe knew the laws of nature when he said: “Death is the trick of nature to create new life” 


The Sun as a fertilizing entity. The cosmic fertilization impregnating Mother Earth in order to create the incalculable number of different life-forms that inhabit this planet , a vital natural process. Throughout nearly all of humanity’s time on this planet, the Earth has been regarded a sacred being, the Great Mother. If the Earth is our true mother, then the sun is also our true parent. Together they make life on Earth possible. The sun’s energy enables life forms to exist on our planet. The sun offers light and warmth for plants to grow. Without the sun, there would be no life at all.Countless civilizations have paid homage to the sun and held an significant place in our forebears’ worldview. In the Buddhist tradition, there are many who praise Amitabha, the Buddha of Limitless Light. We can say that the sun is a true Buddha, because he shines his light upon the Earth,providing warmth, light, energy, and life every minute of the day to all species. Most of the ancient cultures regarded the Sun as the primary, masculine deity, fertilizing the Earth in order to create life. The sun as the nourisher of mankind. The solar ray igniting the hearth symbolizes the communication of divine energy to the womb of the world . Through the sun door the circulation of energy is continuous. The ultimate energy source for all biological processes (except chemotrophic systems) is the Sun.


When in relationship with the soul, we sense our highest aspirations, our most uncanny knowings. Our mystical understandings, and our spontaneous inspirations and unleashing’s of creative ideas infusing us with the humane and sacred qualities of life that gratify longings deep within. The depth of longing to remember one’s own wholeness, and by the crackle of efforts to find and keep alive the most daring and undiminished heart. All these actions for repair of the world soul also constitute the growing of one’s own soul: By their acts ye shall know them. By reaching out to the world, as a more and more individuated soul, one also repairs the ravel of oneself—for whatever of the world has gone awry and can be aided, is sometimes in similar needful condition in the personal psyche as well . Develop essential attitudes need to support a quality life of the soul . The soul comes to the fullness of its stature. The soul as the invisible breath that animates the living body and that remains, as kind of wraith or ghost, after the body’s death. The “anima” or “psyche” the quintessence of living organisms always striving towards self-realization and expression of its fullest potential or “entelechy”.

“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”

Be the change you wish to see in this world!