Eco-literacy Education
Whole Systems Resilience Farm Design


The basis of our civilization and building healthy living soils is the indicator for functional Regenerative Agroecosystems


The life force energy that sustains all life on earth



Transformation of our inner selves towards a paradigm of abundance within a web of ever evolving relationships

We offer transformational and holistic Permaculture Courses, Dynamic,Regenerative and Successional Agroforestry and Nature Connection Education to assist in the creative process towards finding positive solutions for the degradation of the soul and the soil.



Our passion is to offer very affordable high quality Permaculture Courses, Dynamic,Regenerative and Successional Agroforestry and Nature Connection Education​ in places we love and with people that inspire.

We offer affordable high quality Permaculture Design Certificate Courses ( PDC), Introduction to Permaculture Courses, Agroforestry Courses, Nature Connection Education & Retreats in Spain and Asia. In our eyes transformative and participative education has a major role to play to create a future together thats socially flourishing and ecologically thriving.


We aim in our courses and projects to have a combination of:

* SOIL (Permaculture,Agroforestry & Restorative Agriculture)
* SUN (The life force Energy,that feeds us all) and
* SOUL (Deep Ecology, Nature Connection, Healing work, Music and Art)

>> Together we are striving towards EARTH & CULTURE REPAIR. Every positive action counts! <<


Applied Permaculture Practitioner Internship - April 2019

While each course can be taken independently, this is an opportunity to have a deep, comprehensive and hands-on learning experience with a combined course approach that provides the foundational learning in permaculture and regenerative design, paired with a 5 week hands-on permaculture application, with additional hours for advanced design practice …

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Intro to Syntropic Agroforestry - March 2019

The concept of Syntropic Agriculture was devised by the Swiss/Brazilian researcher and botanist Ernst Gotsch from what is broadly known in Brazil as successional agroforestry. Syntropic Agriculture aims to produce food, timber and fibre through a process based agriculture with minimal external inputs and without chemical fertilisers and pesticides.

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Permaculture Design Certificate GOA INDIA – October 2019

Classic 72 Hours Permaculture Design Certificate Curriculum with in-depth theory and hands-on experience plus group Design Exercises.
Additional Practice Week offered to students eager to spend an extra week implementing their knowledge. 
The course is adapted to a wide variety of learning styles and is presented via lecture, images …

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“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”
Masanobu FukuokaThe One-Straw Revolution