At a 5 day practical Seminar with Sepp Holzer in Germany

At the Ecological Beekeeping Course at Mas Alavall from Permaterra in France

PDC at Floating Boots, Goa India - Feb.2017

Syntropic Agroforestry Course with Ernst Goetsch in Spain

Advanced Permaculture & Nature Connection Retreat with Rico Zook & Soil Sun Soul Team in Spain

Permaculture Design Course in Nepal at Hasera Farm

Permaculture Introduction Course in Arambol , Goa , India

At the Analog Forestry Training at Belipola - Sri Lanka

At a Permaculture Introduction Trainings in Malawi

At the Permaculture Research Institute in Australia - Sunshine Coast

Making Compost during a Workshop in Spain

​Permablitz in Auroville South India

Construction of a Herb Spiral at Mas Pujou - Spain

​Building a low budget Solar Water Heater in Darjeeling - India

Alternative Eco Art with Children at the Crystal Waters Permaculture Village Market in Australia

​200meter long Swale planted with diversity of species in Australia

Cob Oven Construction in Malawi during a workshop

​A small Rocket Stove in Portugal

A Design Map for a farm in South India

A Permaculture Garden in Portugal

​Some of the Mind Maps we created for different Projects or Topcis.