Permaculture Design Certificate

What permaculturists are doing is the most important activity that any group is doing on the planet.
— Dr. David Suzuki




​For the healing of the earth and our species. Against all the odds, let us rise to the trouble , working collectively to effect systems transformation – a paradigm shift.





​Group Photo from PDC Course in Spain:


In the last few years some important insights were gained in regards to sustainability education. The Burns Model of Sustainability pedagogy (Burns, 2009) in particular offers create insights in the future of sustainability education:

Teacher-centered and transmissive models of education are not sufficient for teaching sustainability issues because of their complexity and deeply challenging nature (Sterling, 2002).
Sustainability education that aims to be transformative requires a shift toward reflective-learning, problem-based learning and collaborative group work because these pedagogues focus on learning through inquiry, experience and reflection (Moore, 2005).

​from teacher-centered transmissive education towards participatory transformative education!


​* valuable multidisciplinary quality Content :
increase learners’ systemic understanding of complex sustainability issues​

* diverse alternative Perspectives :
provide learners with opportunities to think critically about dominant paradigms, practices and power
relationships and consider complex ecological and social issues from diverse perspectives

* participative transformational learning Process :
enhance learners’ civic responsibility and intentions to work toward sustainability through active
participation and experience

* rooted in local context within a global network:
increase learners’ understanding of and connection with the geographical place and the community in which they live. Gaining a sense of place and insights into their sphere of influence and impact

* holistic ecological Design process & method:
The holistic ecological design process has the potential to create learning experiences that are transformative
and lead to systemic sustainable change.It fosters the re-connection to the landscape too.