PDC Goa India Oct, 2019

Permaculture Design Certificate GOA INDIA – October 2019

2-Week Core Curriculum
+ Optional Practice Week
Dates: Oct 28 at 3 > PM – Nov 11 at 3 PM
Starting at:  48,000₹ (Rupee)

with Roman Eisenkoelbl & Asanga Namal Jayasinge

Classic 72 Hours Permaculture Design Certificate Curriculum with in-depth theory and hands-on experience plus group Design Exercises.
Additional Practice Week offered to students eager to spend an extra week implementing their knowledge.

Topics of the course will include:
History and Definition of Permaculture

  • Ethics and Principles of Permaculture
  • Design Methodologies
  • Patterns in Nature, Culture and Society
  • Reading the Land – Observation
  • Land Restoration & Regeneration Techniques
  • Water Harvesting Techniques
  • Grey Water Recycling
  • Natural Building Strategies
  • Cultivated & Productive Ecological Gardens
  • Food Forests, Forest Gardening, Agroforestry and Plant Guilds
  • Energy Conservation Technologies & Appropriate Technologies
  • Integrated Pest Management
  • Compost
  • Soil
  • Water
  • Forests and Reforestation
  • Animal Management in Permaculture
  • And much more…

The course is adapted to a wide variety of learning styles and is presented via lecture, images, video, group discussion, individual and group exercises, and design projects.

The PDC program consists of a 2-week core curriculum with an additional 1-week tutoring offered to those wanting to put into practice their learnings.

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contact us on connect@thetribegoa.com

The Facilitators:

Roman Eisenkolbl:

Roman has been studying and living in Permaculture Projects and Communities since 8 years which brought him to a diverse range of Projects, Countries, Climates, Cultures and People all over the

He has lived, worked and learned in places like East Africa, India, Nepal,Thailand, the Caribbean, Portugal and Spain.He was part so far of 15 PDC Courses (Organization & co-Facilitation) and several short courses.He learned from Experts & Pioneers through participating in workshops of David Holmgren,
Rosemary Morrow, Robyn Francis, Ernst Gotsch,Martin Crowford,Larry Korn, Alex Kruger (Berg en Dal Ecovillage),Rico Zook(i-permaculture) and Govinda Sharma (organichasera – Nepal).
He is the founder of the Soil-Sun-Soul Project and Blog.The last 2 years he was living,working and learning in India,Auroville and South East Asia afterwards in Australia at the Permaculture Research Institute Maungaraeeda,Sunshine Coast,to deepen his studies.

Now back in Spain most parts of the year to start a regenerative Enterprise and learn more about eco-social design.

He is part of the Permaculture Association UK and at the moment doing his Applied Permaculture Diploma with them.

Asanga Namal Jayasinge

Asanga Namal Jayasinge is a dreamer, permaculture farmer, designer, facilitator and permaculture entrepreneur. He has worked with Mahamankadawala Piyarathana Thero (eppawala hamuduruwo) on traditional rice cultivation in Sri Lanka and done volunteering in organic farms and on permaculture farms in Auroville india. It was great motivation for him to educate and and empower people. He loves to do research on regenerative agriculture and very curious about it. He graduated in Bsc. Agricultural sciences and management from Sabrgamuwa Unversity of Sri Lanka and has done Introduction to Analog Forestry Course, (International analog forestry network), Belipola, Sri Lanka, Permaculture design course (PDC) with Govinda Sharma at Hasera agriculture research & training center in Nepal, Eco Village Design Course (Auroville) in India. He also did his Permaculture teacher training with Rico Zook and Jude Hobbs certified by Permaculture institute of north America and trained as teaching assistant during the pre IPC PDC at 13th international Permaculture convergence, Hyderabad ,India.

He is currently coordinating power Plant Organic Farm project as well as coordinator of Permacultulture Network Sri Lanka. He has been organizing and co facilitating a permaculture design course and introduction workshops with Roman Eisenkölbl and Kate Curtis (soil*sun*soul) Spain

Venue Information – The Tribe Project Goa: 

The Tribe is a creative eco-project based in the lush greenery of Goa’s tropical jungle, at the doorstep of one of the world’s eight richest biodiversity reservoirs: The Western Ghats of India. The project strives to reconnect communities back into nature using music and arts. Since January 2017, our mission has been to rewild nearly 60,000 m2 of former cashew plantation and transform a disturbed, mismanaged piece of forest back into a thriving, self-sufficient eco-reserve creative hub.
The project is also engaged in non-profit outreach programmes including a free 24hr wildlife rescue service, creative and environmental community projects, education, and sustainable tourism development.

Permaculture principles inform much of the design of the space and we are constantly working to evolve with creative, cross-disciplinary solutions to problems around waste, water management and sustainable building. We are still in the initial stages of observing the land and learning about local ecology to develop structures, live on and eat from the land whilst protecting and enriching the balance and biodiversity of wildlife and native plant and tree species.