Our Qualifications

We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time. T. S. Eliot


We aim to offer high standard alternative participatory education and have ourselves been through years of training. Our passion is to share our insights and understanding gained in this transformative journey that took us to 5 different continents to work with hundreds of people worldwide.

Our big motivation and passion as the Soil Sun Soul facilitation team is to design and facilitate effective learning experiences that are leading to insight trough working with the heart,head and hand to achieve a transformational Whole Person Learning experience and re-connect with the self,others and the environment.

We believe a transition to a regenerative world must integrate the heart,the head and the hands of each individual and through an integrated alternative education experience this can easily be achieved.The Social ,Environmental and Economic perspectives are also crucial in affecting large-scale regenerative systems change and we  focus on adressing these.

​We always try our best to creatively use effective knowledge sharing methods which are directed towards satisfying the students needs.

All this is done with an solution based scientific approach without any incorporation of belief systems as intended by the founders of the Permaculture Design Science to keep our focus on tangible positive solutions We greatly emphasize the practice of the 3 foundational ethics that are lying at the core of
Permaculture and are the crucial and often underrated point for the transformation of our species.

During our Workshops we often extend the traditional PDC Curriculum and will integrate knowledge gained from Ecovillage Design Education, Holistic Management and the Keyline Scale of Permanence to form a Whole Systems Design Science and an integrated holistic learning experience covering the Social, Environmental and Economic perspective of a regenerative future.

To us and many of our colleagues facilitation is all about empowerment! This is achieved through lecture, discussions, breakout groups, dynamic exercises, group design exercises, field trips, walk-abouts, hands-on projects, reflection, slides and other audio visuals, assignments, and participants presentations. We will cater to the different learning styles of auditory, visual and kinesthetic.

Communication is the key: listen, participate, experiment, acknowledge, support, and most of all enjoy!

The highest importance for us is that students leave the course equipped with tools and techniques to apply Permaculture Design to all aspects of their lives and gain ecological literacy. Equally important is the re-connection to the self,others and the environment.


A New Social Technology: Seven Leadership Capacities by Otto Scharmer



Some of our Professional Certifications:


At the Teacher Training with Rosemary Morrow