CAN LLIURE An autonomous self-reliant Forest Collective in ALTA GARROTXA SPAIN

Can Lliure as a place for mindful Human-Nature Relationships through mutually beneficial,harmonious and co-creative interaction with the web of life. With our aim of creating a Living ,Learning & Research Centre to develop once capacities and to realize inherent potentialities with natures guidance and support. We see Can Lliure as a important,vital place and seeding ground for ourselves and the wider global community to adapt to their surrounding environments once again and enjoy their bounties in a sustainable manner. One of our long term aims is to create a Living ,Learning & Research Centre for environmentally regenerative,socially flourishing and economically abundant multi purpose land management practices.

Can Lliure is based in the wonderful and magical Alta Garrotxa area close to the Spanish Pyrenees. The land we are in Stewardship of is 100ha and is mainly covered in wild Oak forest with lots of wild goats,wild boars and limestone cliffs. There are 3,5 ha of cleared terraces with stunning views of the surrounding mountains. We recently started to regenerate these terraces which in the future will become a diverse Syntropic Agroecosystem with diverse Tree systems, Silvopasture areas and integrated annual and perennial Organic vegetable gardens. We also started our first steps on Mushroom Production and we host a ecological Bee Sanctuary on site. We are very blessed and very grateful to have a clean,natural freshwater spring on our land from which we drink. We also have a few simple structures like outdoor showers,compost toilets, geodesic dome and bell tent to accommodate and host people to enjoy this wild and natural place.

Pictures of the site, past courses and the surrounding area can be found here:


The current initial evolving site design of Can Lliure can be found here:


We are blessed with a stunning surrounding local area full of natural beauty: