We connect Permaculture Design & Regenerative Agroecology Practices with an holistic perspective inspired by Nature Connection, Deep Ecology, Grassroots Activism and the changes we want to see in this world to reverse degradation of the soul and the soil to create a future of abundance for all.

Soil Sun Soul came about from a journey that brought about a deep personal transformation while working with the Earth, in various countries, on various Permaculture, Regenerative Agriculture and Community projects.

We felt inspired to share this learning by creating and facilitating transformational courses or creation of regenerative projects through bringing together teachers,practioners,activists and places that have inspired us to grow.

We aim in our courses and projects to have a combination of:

SOIL (Permaculture & Restorative Agriculture,)
SUN (The Life Force Energy that feeds us all) and
SOUL (Deep Ecology, Nature Connection, Healing work, Music and Art)

Always growing, changing and adapting, this project is a work in progress… as are we all !

SOIL SUN SOUL is a regenerative social enterprise that is strongly guided by the 3 Permaculture Ethics:

Care of the Earth
Care of the People
Fair Share or Redistribution of surplus

We deeply believe another way is possible and we aim to help to facilitated the transition process towards a world of abundance and social equity with our educational events. The re-skilling and re-gaining of eco-literacy is a crucial part on this journey as well as the re-connection to nature.